Differences between American Manicure and French Manicure: Classic vs Modern Designs

Manicure is simply the process of cleaning, shaping and polishing of nails for the sole purpose of making them look neat. Mentioning the practices involved maybe simple but getting the desired results is not as simple as you might think.

The two most common ways to beautify your nails are the American and French Manicures. So what do these manicures entail? How different are they from each other? These are some of the questions this article seeks to answer.

The good thing with both of them, however, is that none will ever let your nails down. They leave the nails beautiful in their own ways.

American vs French Manicure

American vs French Manicure
American vs French Manicure

So how can you differentiate between these two types of manicure? Well, here is a look at some of the basic ways of differentiating them.

The American style appears so natural as it is simpler. Have you come across nails that have cream or faint white tips whereas the other parts are cream or little beige? Now this is the American manicure you’ve heard of.

The most common of American manicure is the acrylic type which is basically a mixture of powder and liquid for natural and organic nails.

French manicure, on the other hand, has a white tip with the base being pink. This makes this style to be a little sophisticated. It gives a more classic look which is ideal for events like weddings.

With the American manicure, the polish is not visible as the final result is more natural and appears untouched. However, this is not the case with French manicure as here the polish is highly evident.

Currently there are a good number of versions of these two types of manicures. However, the various versions being invented have maintained the basics about the tip and base colors for easy differentiation of the two.

Tips on how to get the best manicures

Regardless of the type of manicure you settle on, there are still things you need to correctly do to get the nicest of looks on your nails. These are like the foundation stones which if not properly laid then you’ll never get your nails properly polished and perfect for your occasions.

First, ensure you remove your old polish. There are a good number of polish removers you can consider for this job. Ideally, it is impractical to add nail polish onto existing one hence the need to clear the old ones for the new polish.

After the old polish is out now it’s time to trim your nails and then make them smooth. Don’t make a mistake and cut your nails too short as this will make it quite hard to notice the difference at the tip from the rest of the nail.

To make your nails smooth, use a soft but flexible buffer for a gentle surface.

Additionally, you can soak your nails in warm soapy water for about 5 minutes to make the nail cuticles softer. Use this opportunity to brush off any dirt around the nails as well. Wipe off the water for the nails to dry off.

To help maintain the cuticle supple, apply some olive oil or any cuticle cream. The cuticle should remain supple for the best results to be realized thereafter. From here, you can now use either the American or French designs to make your nails stand out.

Whichever style you settle on, just add some little creativity and you’ll be good go. There is nothing as amazing as being unique. Try to custom your nails to meet your needs.


Having known the differences between these two types of manure, which way would you like to go? Is it the classic French type of the modern American? The choice is solely yours to make. After going through this article, making the right choice won’t be as difficult as it would have been.

You can easily experiment these at home and even fine-tune to your desires without having to pay a nail artist. Is there any reason why your nails shouldn’t look good going forward? As you plan to attend that wedding or party, let your nails be the talk of the occasion.

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