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The 5 Best Nail Glues Reviews of 2020

best nail glues

No beauty session is complete without taking care of your nails. What turns most people off is the journey to the salon to have your nails made. This lethargy believes it or not is why most ladies don’t fix their nails, regardless of how much they actually want to. You are often left admiring the well-made nails of your friends and co-workers thinking next weekend; I’ll get mine done. And of course, you never do.

With the popularity of press-on nails, the problem of frequenting the salon to get your nails beautified has been solved. Now, in your own cushion, in front of your mirror with a few tools, you can buy your lonesome fix your own nails, adding all the flair and topping you want. Now, it is important that you have the right tools at your disposal.

The one major tool you can’t do without when fixing artificial nails is nail glue. Making the right choice when buying nail glues sets the precedence for the quality of your result. And to ensure you know what to choose and how to choose the best nail glue for professional-grade nail fix is the very purpose of this write-up.

Reviews of Best Nail Glues of 2020

Here are top picks of the year

Top 1 – Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue

Highly praised for its toughness, the Nailene ultra quick nail glue comes packed in a small plastic sachet. The container is small, highlighting the trademark color of purple.

Nailene quick nail glue sets incredible fast, bonding almost instantly on contact. You won’t have to wait for this nail glue to set before attaching your nails. It also has impressive holding power; this makes the application durable and would keep your fake nails attached for weeks with no itch. The glue ideal for fixing and repairing fake nails, even your natural nails can benefit from its incredible holding power.

Its application process is straightforward. A simple spread of a thin film on your artificial nail does the trick. To ensure that it fixes properly, hold for a few seconds – and voila! It is done. The small container features a drop tip that removes the messiness from its application. Its simple and elegant design also gives an air of class to your manicure bag.

Top 2 – NYK1 Super Strong Nail Glue

This impressive adhesive is made specifically for acrylic nails and press-on nails. The product lets you fix your own nails at your own convenience, thanks majorly to its outstanding ease of usage. It is packaged in a small, white, opaque bottle with a pink label.

The product is highly rated by users, and the reason is quite obvious. NYK1 super-strong nail glue has an incredible bond time that takes seconds literally to hold your fake nails. After which it is difficult to detach. The quick dry time of the adhesive is not the only reason it is so highly sought after; the ease of application sets it apart from similar products.

The nail glue comes with a precision brush that helps you apply the glue accurately, giving a fine, professional result. The glue is compatible with many of the popular artificial nail manufacturers, such as Nailene, Makartt, and Kiss Nail Glue. As a glue for press-on nails, it does not stay on forever and starts getting weak in about a week.

The one kink with this glue is that it is not designed to last very long since it has been optimized to serve press nails users. Many users have complained about the short duration the glue offers and its inability to withstand harsh activities.

Top 3 – Kiss Maximum Speed Nail Glue

The maximum speed nail glue will shock you with its longevity. It is a long-lasting glue that bonds easily to keep your artificial nails properly attached, looking preen and new. It is bottled in a small casual container with a drip tip and a white lid.

The product sets at an impressive rate. After application, you should hold the artificial nails for a little over five seconds to ensure the glue has set. Once it is set, the glue lasts for an astounding duration. It is capable of holding even when you are involved in extra physical activities, of pulling and pushing. The adhesive should only be used when you intend to keep your nails for an extended period. That is for weeks because once it sets, it is challenging to get off.

Besides, Kiss’ maximum nail glue is capable of fixing and repairing broken nails. For this, you will need tweezers to hold the broken pieces while the glue sets. All this and more makes the product far more reliable than all the other nail glues out there. You should be warned, though, the Kiss maximum nail glue clogs up sometimes if not properly stored.

Top 4 – KDS Adhesive Super Bond for Acrylic nails

The product comes as five pieces of super bond glue contained in beautifully designed bottles. The bottles are narrow and long with caps that cover up the drop tips. Each piece contains 0.07 oz of glue. One might think the added pieces would make the cost exuberant. Luckily, the manufacturers give them away at ridiculously low prices.

 The KDS super bond is specifically designed for acrylic nails, which require fast setting time, a mess-free application, and exceptional durability. The added pieces mean you rarely run out of nail glue, in case of an emergency or when your artificial nail breaks, a piece of KDS adhesive super bond is waiting to come to your rescue.

The nail glue works insanely well, it is durable, easy to use, affordable, and it is held in a fancy bottle that fits nicely into your purse.

Top 5 – Cala Super Nail Glue Professional Salon Quality

Not in the fanciest of containers, the Cala super nail glue is shipped in packs of four pieces. Each bottle carries a volume of 0.1 oz of the incredible glue.

Happy users swear it is the most dependable nail glue they have come across. And this is understandable once you try it for yourself. The nail glue gives you the power to fix your own nails with the quality of professionals.

This is made possible because of the precision of the drop tip; it ensures you only get out the one drop you need on each nail, eliminating the common dreadful accident of gluing unwanted parts together.

In addition to the precision the glue offers, it is also very durable. A single application will carry you for weeks, even while you are involved in very physical activities. That is what happy users mean when they say it is the most dependable nail glue out there.

How to Choose the Right Nail Glue

Picking out a nail glue does not require rocket science. The deciding factor would be the quality which is only a function of the following feature:


Obviously, you are not here for a nail glue that keeps your nail falling off. A highly durable glue is what you need and want, and often one cannot rely on the manufacturers’ word to make a choice. Online reviews, especially from people with first-hand experience, provide an excellent source to judge the quality of your nail glue.

Ease of Use

For a do-it-yourselfer, you need to buy a glue that is designed to be used by individuals that is, with proper tip design to make dispensation easy and accurate, as well as precision brushes. This ensures you don’t have to struggle with getting the glue off your fingers and skin afterward, as it is often the case with amateurs.


I know it is only a nail glue, but you don’t want a horrific bottle sitting in your purse all day. A little bit of style hurts no one. Great design also gives you more precise control when handling or applying your nail glue.

How To Get Super Glue Off Skin Without Nail Polish Remover

For a variety of reasons, you might find yourself with nail glue stuck on your skin without an acetone-based nail polish remover. You do not need to panic. Simply choose any of the following methods of getting off nail glue with readily available home products.

  1. Use soapy water: I know you might have tried this in the past before thinking it does not work. But I am here telling you, what you need is just a little more patience. Prepare a bowl of warm, soapy water and gently scrub the affected area with your hand. This will take a while, but the glue will eventually start to flake off.
  2. Use oil or Butter: This works best after you have already scrubbed your skin with warm water. Dab the affected area with a piece of clothing or cotton wool soaked in oil and rub it in. What the oil does is slowly dissolve the bond in the glue, making it easier for you to peel off, butter, or margarine can be used in place of vegetable and almond oil.
  3. Use Petroleum jelly: In place of butter or oils, good old petroleum jelly works fine, with the same process as above, rub the jelly gently into the spot affected until it starts peeling off. It is worthy of note that rubbing some jelly into the spot affected can help reduce burn pains after you have gotten the glue off.

Remove Glue & Super Glue from Clothes 

Remove Glue & Super Glue


When it comes to keeping fresh and stylish artificial, a lot of factors come into play, and this leaves many of us perplexed. This is why we will be taking up the most asked questions when it comes to fixing nails.


The short answer is yes. But this is very simplistic; on the one hand, both nail types of glue and regular super glue are produced with the same base chemical known as cyanoacrylate.

The one detriment to using super glue on your nails is because the manufacturers of nail glue did not intend it to be used on the body. Hence, they pay little attention to contamination by germs in the production area. Also, superglue tends to become opaque white when exposed to excess moisture. This might affect the color of your fake nails, especially if it is acrylic.

But if you are caught off guard, without your nail glue insight, a super glue usually works fine.


Nail glues are readily available. Most walk-in stores carry them. You will find them in your local salons, mall, and regular care shops. The internet has also made it easier to get this stuff; an online order gets delivered to your doorstep within a short period. Amazon carries a lot of the best brands. Basically, nail glues are not difficult to lay your hands on when you need them.


High-quality nail glue is a great company, especially for those of us who want the flexibility and ease that come with press-on nails. You should never be caught without a nail glue for your artificial nail because even the most dependable glues fall short sometimes. You want your nail glue next to you whenever this happens so you can reattach the nail and salvage the situation.

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