Best Nail Stamping Kit

Top 7 Best Nail Stamping Kit Reviews of 2020

One of the parts of the body people notices first is your hands and definitely your fingernails. With this particular part of the body, you can make a statement wherever you go. Hence, we cannot overemphasize how expedient it is to keep your nails trimmed and classy. We know how strenuous, expensive, and time-consuming it has to visit the salon to get your nails done. But here is good news for you: you can now get your nails fixed in the comfort of your home. How? By getting a nail stamping kit.

Best Nail Stamping Kit
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A nail stamping kit majorly contains stamping plates on which the designs are etched, a nail stamper with which you transfer the designs on the stamping plates to your nails and a nail scraper which is used to scrape excess nail polish off the plates. With a nail stamping kit, you can get your nails done beautifully and professionally even as a beginner. Before you can use a nail stamping kit, you need to understand what nail stamping is.

What is nail stamping?

Nail stamping is a simple way to get intricate designs or patterns on your nails. This nail art enables you to get beautiful and lovely designs on your nails without wasting much time and getting your hands all messed up with nail polish. Nail stamping does not require any expertise whatsoever, even though professionals can also do it.

Reviews of Top 7 Best Nail Stamp Kits 2020

There are various nail stamping kits on the market, but we have researched for you the best 7.

#1 – Nail Stamping Plate Nail Stamper by Ejiubas

This contains all that you need to create a beautiful set of nails. It comes with three stamping plates, one clear nail stamper, nail scraper, including a variety of nail templates and designs. The plates are made of high-quality Stainless Steel and given high polishing finishing; they will surely last you for a longer time. They are durable and also sturdy.

The designs on the stamping plates are double-sided and have lesser spaces. The designs are etched deeply on the stamping plates so that by the time you apply nail polish, they will hold enough nail polish that will make the design appear bright and beautiful on the nail stamper. Hitting the desired location on your nails is made easy, thanks to the efficient nail stamper. The nail stamper has white silicone, which enables it to pick up patterns from plates easily and quickly.

#2 – Biutee Nail Stamp Plates set Nails Art Stamping Plate

Just as its name implies, this is a nail stamping kit that radiates beauty. It has everything you need to do a DIY manicure and pedicure in the comfort of your home. With this kit, you can get creative and beautify your nails with different forms of designs. It contains 16 pieces of stamping plates with splendid designs, one stamper, one scraper, and one storage bag.

The nail plates are not ones that would only last you for a short while and become reusable. They are made of high-quality 304 Stainless Steel, which makes them sturdy and strong. Ensure you do not clean the stamper with nail polish remover, as this might affect the effectiveness of the stamper. Instead, use a lint roller or a sticky tape.

#3 – BORN PRETTY Nail Art Stamping Plates Kit

Born Pretty stamping plates kit is one that would surely give you beautiful nails to flaunt and feel pretty with. This only contains four stamping plates but has numerous designs that you can pick from weekly. The plates are made of premium-quality Stainless Steel.

The plates have deep and precise carving that is beautifully-etched. If you want to get the best stamping effect, you should use a stamping nail polish produced by this brand. To elongate the lifespan of the plates, ensure you get rid of excess nail polish immediately after use. Wash with water-based nail polish remover and clean residual with alcohol.

#4 – Ejiubas Double-Sided Flower Nail Stamping Plates Nail Art Stamping Kits

This nail stamping kit features double-sided stamping plates. With double-sided stamping plates, you would get more designs that you will not exhaust quickly. From lacey patterns to flowers to mandalas to leaves, vines, and butterflies designs, you can obviously see there is a lot for you to get creative with. The plates have a moderate depth to hold in enough nail polish for a beautiful nail effect.

The plates are made of high-quality materials. They are made resistant to scratches, corrosion, and bends. The kit is easy to use. Even if you are just a beginner with little or no knowledge of these things, you will still conveniently find your way around using it.

#5 – BEAUTYBIGBANG 4Pcs Nail Stamping Plate Animals Theme

This is a nail stamping kit for animal lovers. It contains stamping plates that have numerous animal patterns etched on them. These stamping plates are different from normal ones. The 4 have unique and beautiful patterns of animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, pandas, owls, and what have you. They are made of premium quality Stainless Steel.

With the wide variety of patterns the plates have, you can get creative by even wearing designs to suit the occasions you are attending. If you are not used to stamping, this kit makes nail stamping super easy and fun.

#6 – Winstonia 20 pc Nail Art Stamp Stamping Image Plate Set

The Winstonia nail stamping kit made it on our list because of its unending beautiful designs. If you really want to get the value for your money, you should go for this kit. It contains 20 pieces of stamping plates with 6 to 8 designs each. In all, you will be getting 139 designs in just one package, amazing!. Most conventional nail stamping kits do not offer designs as numerous as this. So, this is like a jackpot.

The most exciting part is that the designs include quite a number of patterns. You want an animal print, summer theme, fruits, flowers, stars, panda, mermaid, sport, unicorn, fall theme, cupcakes, mustache, and other irregular patterns you can think of; the 20 stamping plates have them in full. These plates will last you for a lifetime; they are made of premium quality Stainless Steel.

#7 – Clear Nail Stampers by Ejiubas 3 Pcs Jelly

This contains three stamping plates, three nail scrapers, and three nail stampers. All its nail instruments are made with very durable materials. Jelly clear nail stamper, sandy nail scrapers, and silicone stamper head with plastic handle; you will use this kit for a really long time, if not a lifetime.

One of the issues most people have with conventional nail stamping kit is the fact that the stamper does not cover their nails. Ejuibas stamping kit comes with 1.10 stamper heads that fit most nail sizes. Equipped with jelly silicone, picking patterns from the plates is made easier than ever. The scrapers are also firm and comfortable for scraping excess nail polish. Note that you should not use nail polish remover or chemical to clean the stamper head.

Things to consider before buying nail stamping kit

There are certain things you should consider if you want to get the best of the stamping kits on the market, which are:

Quality nail stamping materials

To have your nail stamping kit last you for a long period, ensure that the instruments are made out of high-quality materials. The stamping plates can rust or suffer severe damages if it is not made with quality materials; likewise, the stamper itself.

Number of stamping plates

All nail stamping kits do not have the same amount of plates. If you want to get numerous designs, go for a package with plenty of stamping plates.


Also, consider the designs you want. There are numerous nail stamping kits out there with different designs. Are you a flower lover? Or an animal lover? Or even a fruit lover? Know which you would like best and go for it.


You do not need to burst your account to get a nail stamping kit. There are quite a number of high-quality and affordable nail stamping kits on the market. Besides, if you are just a beginner, you should go for cheaper ones before making a considerable investment.

Can you use regular nail polish for stamping?

Yes, you can. Regular nail polish might not be as easy to use as stamping polish, but you can also use regular nail polish. To get the same effect as a stamping polish, ensure the regular nail polish is highly pigmented.

How to do nail stamping

Even though nail stamping is easy to do and does not require professionalism or expertise, you must understand how this thing works before you can do it. Here are steps to stamping

1. Get a nail stamping materials

You can get your nail stamping materials separately or together as a kit. These things are available online or in beauty shops. Most people opt to get the materials individually because they believe the items will be of higher quality than the ones packaged together in a kit that comes cheaper than having to buy them separately.

2. Prepare a workplace

To make nail stamping easy and less time-consuming, prepare a convenient workplace for yourself, including everything you would be needing. Get a properly-lited workplace with a desk or table for convenience. Ensure you also make your tools available, including your desired nail polish colors.

3. Prepare your nails

Prepare your nails with a base coat. Then, apply your desired base color to your nails and allow them to dry very thoroughly. You can position them in front of a fan or dip in ice-cold water.

4. Coat your desired design with polish

Get a very pigmented and thick polish to coat the design you have selected on the stamping plate.

5. Transfer the design to the stamper

Pick up your stamper, roll it over the selected design until you are able to see the design clearly on the surface of your stamper.

6. Stamp on your nails

Roll the stamper over your nails and press down firmly until the design is transferred to your nails. Then wait for the nails to dry.

7. Give your nails a topcoat finishing

To protect the design and make it last longer, finish up with a topcoat.

Stamp Your Nails Perfectly! 


Nail stamping materials are designed to last you a lifetime if you can maintain them well. For your stamping plates, ensure you do not clean it with harsh chemicals like nail polish remover. We recommend that you use a water-based nail polish remover and then do a final cleanup with alcohol to avoid rusting.

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