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What is the Best Nail Strengthener on The Market 2020

Keeping your nails in optimum condition is necessary, especially if you know you have weak or brittle nails. This is a sign that those nails are lacking the essential nutrients they need to grow correctly. This is what the best nail strengtheners are formulated for; they help restore your nails to a healthy condition, eliminating all signs of chipping or breakages.

Having fragile nails can be quite an inconvenience when you intend to beautify them or only just to have fun. Fortunately for you, nourishing and strengthening those nails have never been more straightforward than when you make use of these useful products.

What is the nail strengthener? do nail strengtheners work

A nail strengthener is a kind of nail polish made of medicinal ingredients that creates a hard shell around your nails, granting them protection and durability. The strengtheners achieve this process without compromising the flexibility of your nails; they are specially made to target and repair dry, uneven, and damaged nails.

Dry and brittle nails arise as a result of having little moisture and nutrient deficiency as well as effects of long-term use of nail polish and polish remover. Although each formula of nail strengtheners is created to target specific nail issues, they are packed with vitamins that can effectively enhance the health and growth of your nails.

Reviews of The Best Nail Strengtheners 2020

Top 1 – Opi Nail Envy Nail Strengthener

This nail product is made of calcium and hydrolyzed wheat protein to enhance the strength of any weak or damaged nails. The OPI Nail Envy contains antioxidants Vitamins E and C, which protects against chipping of nails. Amongst the constituents is a moisturizing formula that aids in maintaining the flexibility of your nails.

The strengthener comes in a sleek glass bottle with a built-in brush attached to the cap. The OPI nail product can be used to combat any cracking or peeling nails by making them durable and harder than ever before. The product dries off soon after applying them. It can either be used alone or as a base coat for your daily manicures.

Top 2 – Hard as Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream

This strengthening product functions not just to moisturize your nails but also to make sure your dry and brittle nails are restored to a healthy state. The cream achieves this by making use of vitamins, calcium, and emollients to ensure long-lasting strength and growth.

Even the most severe cases of chipping, cracking, or peeling can’t escape the conditioning this nail strengthener provides. Apply the product and witness your nails grow to healthy lengths.

Hard as Hoof strengthening cream is coconut scented, leaving your nails smelling fresh and pleasant. Simply massage the cream into your cuticles as well as your nail beds and undersides. This can be done three times in a day or more than that if necessary.

Top 3 – Nail Tek Intensive Therapy Nail Strengthener

If you are dealing with peeling nails, then you can procure this nail strengthener to treat that before any more damage is done. The protein formulation was created to target any weak nails and strengthen its structure while leaving an attractive glossy finish on the surface.

With regular application, you are sure to recover from the inconveniences of having your nails feeling and looking like a mess. The only drawback of this product is that it contains small traces of formaldehyde, an unsafe ingredient.

Apart from that, the Nail Tek strengthener is very effective when it comes to fixing the poor state of your nails.

Top 3 – Mavala Scientifique Original Nail Hardener

An outstanding product, the nail hardener penetrates the nail plate of soft or flaking nails to harden and mould them into strong and healthy nails. The product can be applied under a base coat, topcoat, or nail polish; it comes in a packaged 5ml bottle with an in-built brush provided for easy application.

The hardener quickly dries after without any residual effect and doesn’t require a nail polish remover because it isn’t a varnish. Based on instructions from the brand, the nail hardener can be applied two or three times a week. The area of application is from the center of the nails to the tips; it’s recommended that you only use clean nails.

Top 4 – Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener Strengthener Polish Treatment

This nail strengthener creates a protective barrier around your nails to prevent any splitting or peeling as a result of a weak structure. It’s known for its effective formula that provides a boost to the health and growth of your nails. It can be applied to any type of nails as long as they are clean and dry. Your nails begin to recover the moment the polish treatment is applied to the center to the tip of your nails; it should be noted that the product was formulated for a single application per week.

This is because the strengthener is quite potent and tends to have a stinging effect when overused. If you are unfamiliar with using the product, it’s recommended that you don’t cover the entire nail on the first try. The product also protects the skin around your cuticles, making them less prone to tearing.

Top 5 – Nail Tek Intensive Therapy 2 Nail Strengthener

When it comes to dealing with severe nail issues like cracking or unsightly ridges, then this is your go-to nail product to aid in fighting off such conditions. This nail strengthener uses calcium to prevent your nails from any further peeling.

The constituents of this product are 100% vegan with zero unsafe ingredients; this concentrated formula is highly effective in protecting your nails from any damage by ensuring that they are firm and stronger after a few applications.

It’s also good to note that the product gives your nails a healthy natural sheen; the coatings can be removed after a week leaving your nails with the same polished look and improved flexibility. To apply, clean your nails and begin coating at the base of the nail to its end; it can be used daily as a base coat over your nail polish.

Top 6 – Quimica Alemana Ltda Nail Hardener

This is a remarkable nail fortifier that hardens your nails as a protective measure against any splitting or peeling of your nails. After applying this product, a protective barrier is formed on your nails, giving them a rigid and more durable structure. This should only be used on clean and dry nails once a week; this is because the product is very strong and can have an adverse effect like burning or persistent discomfort when overused.

You can brush one thin coat from the centre to the tip of your nail for your first three applications; after that, you can start brushing a thin layer covering the entire nail. Be sure to protect your skin around the cuticles of the nails with cream; the product is very affordable and is guaranteed to provide results immediately after the first use.

How to Choose Best Nail Strengthener Brand

Just like every other kind of nail product on the market, nail strengtheners are manufactured by different brands. To purchase the best brand, you need to base your decision on a couple of essential factors that can come in handy. For whichever reason you might need a nail strengthener, you still have to keep the following in mind when evaluating your options.


Formaldehyde is a harmful constituent of most nail strengthening products in the market; they can damage your nails by causing them to detach from the nail bed, which can be quite painful when it happens. Rushing the purchase without adequately checking the list of ingredients can be quite a dangerous move for the wellbeing of your nails. Even though they can strengthen your nails, the nails will eventually become brittle and weak over time.

Type of Nail Strengthener:

There exist two types, namely the hardeners and hydrators; you need to know that each of these comes with its working mechanism, benefits, and drawbacks. Nail hardeners can further be broken down into two kinds, which are cross-linking and reinforcing hardeners.

The cross-linking hardeners work by strengthening the inner linings of the nail; they contain ingredients that create chemical bonds through a reaction with the nail’s proteins, making the natural state of the nails a lot stronger. The reinforcing hardeners act as a coating that secures a more solid external structure for your nails.

Hydrators work differently simply because they make the nails more flexible and less susceptible to any breaking force. The only drawback of this type is that they require a regular application for maximum performance; this is because they tend to wear off faster over time. If what you need are quick results, then it’s suggested that you go for nail hardeners.


The nail strengthener you intend to procure must be easy to apply without any hassle; while some of the nail strengtheners offer a 3-step routine you can follow to achieve optimum results, other nail products can be applied in just a single step.

Some products have an in-built brush applicator you can use to easily scoop the formula without exposing it to your bare skin. While there are the hydrators, which usually comes in a cream form, meaning you have to apply it using your hands.


Nail strengtheners are generally inexpensive and shouldn’t cost you more than $50 to purchase the best brands the market has to offer. The basic nail strengtheners can be bought for just a few dollars; what matters is whichever brand you decide on should provide adequate value for the investment being made.

Nail Hardeners VS Nail Strengtheners


You should be able to pick the best nail strengthener based on the information we’ve assembled for you above. Again, make sure you purchase your preferred product based on the requirements and a preset budget for the entire process. Whatever you decide on, just make sure to choose one that brings your nails back to its top condition.

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