best pedicure toe separators

A Comprehensive Review of the Best Pedicure Toe Separators for 2020

Taking care of nails isn’t a walk in the park. It calls for keenness plus the availability of the necessary tools. Until you get your nails messed up, you’ll never understand the importance of pedicure toe separators. Investing in the best pedicure toe separators is actually a necessity whether you own a spa or like doing your nails alone at home. It’s actually absurd to leave your toes in a mess after a pedicure that would have made your nails much better.

Best Pedicure Toe Separators
Toe Separators

The separator simply spreads the toes apart so that you don’t leave behind any mess as you do perform nail art. This well thought-out article explains more about toe separators.

Reviews of the best pedicure toe separators

YogaToes GEMS: Gel Toe Stretcher & Toe Separator: Top Picks

best pedicure toe separators

Made from hypoallergenic gel, these toe separators are safe without any toxins. They are customized to ensure more flexibility of the toes and therefore preventing the likelihood of your toes getting strained. You just need to moisten them in water after which they easily glide on.

They help in fighting conditions such as plantar fasciitis and bunions among other foot-related problems. These products are available in sizes of 6 to 11 for women and 7-10 for men.

DR JK Original ToePal, Toe Separators and Toe Streightener for Relaxing Toes

best pedicure toe separators

This is sold in a package that also includes gel toe stretchers as well. They are designed in a way that your toes are properly aligned to avoid any areas during pedicure. The DR JK separators are also great when it comes to eliminating all kinds of foot problems.

They are made from gel that is medical grade and harmless to the body. This also makes them very soft and stretchable.

Original Yoga Toes For Men: Gel Toe Separators and Toe Stretchers

best pedicure toe separators

These are specifically built for men and they perform their functions perfectly well. They are soft and stretchable to cushion the toes during pedicure. Just like most of the top-grade separators, these too have been made from medical-grade gel and free from BPA.

To assure you of their quality standards, they are backed with a 30-day money back guarantee. They can fit men whose shoe sizes are 10.5 and below.

Pedi Couture Pedicure toe separators

best pedicure toe separators

These are pedicure sandals for women. They are constructed in a manner that your toes are aligned in a more natural posture. The proper cushioning and padding provides maximum comfort and arch support.

They are fashionable and can also be won to the gym and beach among others. You can find them in a variety of fashionable and stylish designs and colors.

Iridesi Toe Separators

best pedicure toe separators

Iredesi toe separators are sold in packs of 12 pairs. The 12 pairs are grouped into 4 colors, purple, blue, orange and pink. They are 2-toned into white and another color.

The foam used in the making of these separators are flexible and soft for maximum comfort. Each separator has dimensions of 3 7/8 by 1 1/8 by 5/16 inches in length, width and thickness.

ALSTEN Anatomical Toe Separators

best pedicure toe separators

The ALSTEN are also well known for the prevention of toe problems apart from being used in pedicure as well. They are slightly curved in design to conform to the natural structure of the human toes.

In case you aren’t satisfied with this product, you can always return it and get back your money within 30 days.

Pedifix PolyFoam 3-Layer Toe Separators

best pedicure toe separators

These are 3-layer separators that help divide the toes during pedicure. Besides, they also help in eliminating blisters and pinching among others. They are soft, flexible and comfortable just like a majority of the toe separators.

When buying, make sure you choose the right one as it cannot be returned once the seal has been opened.

How to Choose Pedicure Toe Separators

Are you asking yourself how we arrived at the above products? Well, there are some factors you need to consider whenever you want a top quality toe separator for your pedicure. In this section, we take a look at some of these factors.

  • Level of Comfort

Your comfort should be your top most priority before you think of anything else. If the separators are too small, rest assured that they pinch your toes and cause some discomfort. Besides, ensure that its soft and flexible so as to conform with the physical alignment of the toes.

  • Versatility

Do you plan to use the separators during nail painting only? Or would you wish go for one that can be used to perform other activities? If you happen to get a separator that you can use under different circumstances the better.

However, you need to know that such kind of versatility is usually accompanied with relatively high asking prices.

  • Price

The cost of a toe separator is another key consideration that should be made when looking for toe separators. These prices usually vary from one product to the next based on a variety of factors such as the pairs available in the package.

It shouldn’t cost a fortune to own a nice pair of toe separators. However, note that the higher the price the more comfortable and durable the separator is likely to be.

  • Additional features

There are additional features that some toe separators come with you should also be keen to look out for. These are usually meant to cushion and protect the toes from injuries and problems like plantar fasciitis among others.


As you are already aware, a pair of toe separators is very necessary when doing pedicure. These tiny and not so common tools will go a long way in keeping your nails neat and beautifully done.

Apart from just keeping the toes in their rightful positions, medical research also has it that they can also help in the prevention and correction of bunions and hammer toes.

If you are not into buying these things, you can also design and make your own taking into consideration your own comfort. This can be easily done using readily available materials like pair of scissors, foam, tape and a pen.

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