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The Best Rose Gold Nail Polish Reviews

One of the things a quintessential lady must be particular about is her nails. You do not just go about flaunting badly-manicured, chipped-polish nails; that says something about you. Also, the color or shade of nail polish you wear on your nails really matters. Have you tried rose gold nail polish?

rose gold nail polish

Rose gold seems to be the most adoring nail polish colors by brands now, and this is because of the classiness, gorgeousness, and sparkle it adds to your nails. Check out the best rose gold nail polish to complete your look:

Reviews of Best Rose Gold Nail Polish – Top 5 Products for Elegant Looks

Top 1 – OPI Nail Polish Metallics Collection, Nail Lacquer

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best rose gold nail polish on the market. This is a nail polish that comes handy whenever you want to glam your nails. With this, you do not have to visit a manicurist every week just to get your nails done. The OPI rose gold nail polish would give the hottest special effect on your nails.

The OPI is different from the conventional nail polishes that peel off after a day or two. You are sure to have your nails perfectly manicured even after 7 busy days of wearing. So, if you do not have that time luxury of having to paint your nails every day, you should go for this nail polish. With the right nail polish remover, it goes off quickly without stress. With OPI, you get above 200 shades of rose gold.

Top 2 – ILNP Juliette Holographic Nail Polish, Rose Gold

Looking for something super classy, sparkling and feminine? You are definitely on the right one. ILNP Juliette nail polish is made with premium-quality ingredients that would offer durability and beauty that cannot be found in conventional nail polishes. With a first stroke, you get the artistic splendor, which would make you take more strokes. And when it dries? You get a stunning finish that is smooth and shiny.

This rose gold nail polish is free of offensive smell and toxic chemicals that might endanger your health or damage your nails. Removing this nail polish is as simple as applying it. No soaking, no scraping; your regular nail polish remover would cleanly wipe off the polish.

Top 3 – Vrenmol Gel Nail Polish Set Rose Gold Diamond Nail Lacquer Manicure Kit

The Vrenmol Gel nail polish can be used on any kind of nails, be it your natural nails, acrylic nails, gel nails, false nails, or any other. This nail polish offers glamorous sheen and beauty. The most exciting aspect is that you get 6 pieces of rose gold glitter gel nail polish in just one package. All the nail polishes included in this package are made of high-quality ingredients. They give no offensive smell or harm to the skin and nails.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can use this nail polish after getting accustomed to its process. After application, you would need to cure your nails under LED and UV lights for a better result. To remove, soak a cotton pad in acetone and wrap around each of your nails with tin foil, then leave for ten minutes.

Top 4 – ILNP Champagne Blush – Rose Gold/Vintage Pink Holographic Nail Polish

This one here is for the quintessential ladies. Applying it is a smooth process. It also gives a soft, gorgeous, and sparkling outcome. Unlike some conventional nail polishes that dry out in their bottles while trying to apply them, this does not; it would surely last you a lifetime if stored properly.

This is a nail polish you can use with an assurance of your safety. You do not need to bother about skin or nail damage because it does not contain any harmful substance whatsoever that might endanger your health or destroy your skin. Try out this high-quality nail polish and enjoy a unique and holographic sparkle every time

Top 5 – 6pcs Glitter Gel Nail Polish Set

In one package of this, you get 6 pieces of 10ml bottles of bling gel nail polish. Just like a gel, this polish is quick to be worn, reducing the time you spend in painting your nails. Cleaning it off is also hassle-free. A one-time application would serve you for 14 days and above.

This nail polish would add glow to your nails. In the daytime, you would enjoy a glossy, sparkling, and glittering effect. In the nighttime, the sparkling does not reduce a bit. All-day long, you are sure to enjoy a sensational glow. To get the best result, it is important you expose your nails to a UV or LED light. To remove, you would have to wrap each of your nails with cotton pads soaked with acetone.

Top 7 – DND Premium DC Gel Set (DC 140 Khaki Rose)

If you are not fully satisfied with nail polishes that wear off after 7 days or 2 weeks and you would love something more durable, you should check this out. The DND premium DC lasts for up to 3 weeks and still offers the same glitter and glow just like when you freshly applied it. It also offers excellent coverage and pigmentation.

This nail polish contains 20 percent more of gel, so you can easily apply and remove without the least struggle. In this package, you get 1 gel polish and a matching non-gel polish. For the gel polish, you would need a UV light to give it more glow; the non-gel polish does not require this.

Top 8 – BINNAIL Chrome Nail Pigment Manicure Powder (Rose Gold)

You are missing if you do not have this in your manicure kit. This rose gold mirror pigment powder gives an amazing sensual mirror effect. It can apply on any nail gel, and you can also get creative with it by applying on a different background color of tips. Made with the best of ingredients, you would get a smooth glossy finish that wears long and cleans off easily.

In a package, you get 1 chrome powder and 2 pc applicators. It is easy to use. You do not have to be a professional to use this nail art chrome powder. After your first trial (which will still come out great), you would easily find your way around it the second time. After application, apply a no-wipe top to increase its durability.

How to do rose gold nails

Did you know you can get your nails done in rose gold even without rose gold nail polish? When next you are out of rose gold nail polishes, try this out:

Materials: Pink panther, Chrome Dust, and topcoat.


  • Carefully apply an even layer of a pink panther on your nails neatly. Clean off excess surrounding skin or cuticles
  • Cure under a Nova lamp for 30 minutes
  • Apply a generous amount of chrome dust on the pink panther layer and also dust off excess
  • Apply a thin layer of top coat and cure for 30 minutes.

What shoe colors to wear with rose gold dress?

For a rose gold dress, you have many options for shoe colors to pick from. You can match your rose gold dress with a nude, black, silver, or blue shoes, depending on the bag you are carrying.

How to Rose Gold Chrome


After each use, ensure you tightly cover the polish to avoid drying. Also, store in cool places and avoid dropping.

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