Best Crackle Nail Polish

The Crackle Nail Polish 2020 Reviews & Tips

Crackle nail polish is one of the greatest developments that we have seen in the nail products industry. With its introduction comes a variety, and so we’re no longer limited to traditional nail polish, gel or acrylics. Before getting into the crackle nail polish reviews, I’ll help paint a picture of what crackle nail polishes are and what the manicures look like. Therefore, if you’re planning to join the trend of unique nails, read on.

Best Crackle Nail Polish

What is Crackle Nail Polish?

From its name, crackle nail polish is made in such a way that what you’ll end up with on your nails is an effect similar to that of a cracked mirror. Apart from the natural way through which the patterns form, you can also use a nail pen to have a customized finish.

Using the nail polish can be summarized into three main steps that involve a regular nail polish, the crackle nail polish and base and top coats. One thing to note is that using the crackle nail polish in your manicure procedure will take longer than you would with traditional or gel polish.

Reviews of the Best Crackle Nail Polish 2020

This is list top crackle nail polish on the market today

1). China Glaze Crackle Metals Nail Polish – Tarnished Gold

Be part of the growing China Glaze nail polish brands with this latest crackle nail polish. The tarnished gold shade is absolutely usable on any color, so you won’t have any restrictions on when and how to rock your crackles. When you use it appropriately, you’ll realize that the cracks on each nail are uniquely different, and this is because the nail polish cracks randomly.

One thing to have in mind is that the hack with using this nail polish is using smaller amounts as you give it time to see how the patterns unfold. Otherwise, you might end up with bigger cracks or even sometimes a solid color unlike the expected outcome.

2). Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Nail Polish-Ink Splatter

Sally Hansen is known as the brand you always run to when looking for options. This second pick is for those who are into modern and sophisticated looks. With it you’ll get the crackle effect just 1 minute after the nail polish settles in. In as much as this nail polish is usable with any shade as the base color, it contrasts better with lighter colors.

How perfectly everything turns out when using this product is limited to thinner coats. It’s preferable to stick to a single coat in order to avoid any mistake because the moment an error occurs, you’ll be compelled to redo your manicure, entirely.

3). China Glaze Crackle Glaze Nail Polish – Lightning Bolt

Here’s yet another product from China Glaze, but in a different shade. The product is versatile enough to blend with any contrasting color you pick as your base. Unlike certain products which take quite some time, with China Glaze you’ll instantly see how it unfolds to a beautiful deconstructed look.

It creates relatively softer patterns when used on a French manicure and a more dramatic look when you pick a black base. This makes it fit different environments and personalities. A plus for this brand is that it keeps your nails looking good and healthy as well. This is credited to the hardener used in the manufacture of the nail lacquer.

5). UR SUGAR Crackle Gel Nail Polish

For those who love to go a little extra with the glow on the nails, UR SUGAR has got you covered with these 6 varieties of nail polish. Here’s something that you can use for both personal and professional needs. It still gives you the option of ending at a regular crackle, or increasing the glow by applying the luminous liquid that they have included in the set.

You’ll end up with all-time coats which you can wear to any party and be sure to stand-out uniquely. Each gel polish color has fine texture which allows it to blend perfectly with your nails, staying there for atleast two weeks. However, to achieve such durability you have to seal your layers with UR SUGAR base and top coats.

6). Reddhoon 12 Colors Crackle Gel Nail Polish

This collection is a great combination of 12 different colors so you get to pick what feels right for you. The crackle each shade creates depends on the color of your base coat, making it easy to create crackles that complement that of the base coat. Each bottle is carefully made with a personalized effect to leave your nails beautiful, stylish and eye-catching.

This brand is versatile and therefore you can use the crackle nail polish on both natural and artificial nails, without compromising on how healthy the nails look. One of its greatest strengths, especially for those who love to do their nails from home is that this brand of gel polish is air dry, so you shouldn’t be stressed about where to find UV or LED lamps.

How to Use Crackle Nail Polish

  • Pick Your Colors

Crackle nail polish is basically used as a top coat, and therefore you’ll need an extra gel or traditional polish for the first layer.Your choice depends on what colors match your personality; however you have to ensure that the two are contrasting. Basically, the rule is to go for opposite colors guided by the colors wheel. For example, you should go for a darker regular polish if your crackle nail polish is lighter.

  • Apply a base coat.

This step is usually critical for any type of manicure in order to make it durable. Picking from a good brand minimizes peeling and also keeps your nails safe from getting stained, in the event that you want to use neon nail polish colors.

  • Apply the base color.

Use about one or two layers of your solid color as the base layer in order to achieve a smooth texture in the end. Give the layers time to dry, paying attention to the drying onditions stated on the bottle. This should take about 5 minutes or less for those that require UV or LED lamps.

  • Apply the Crackle Polish.

After you’re certain that the base color is dry, proceed to paint a thin layer of the crackle polish of your choice. Start off with a thin layer to help you paint quickly and evenly and after that, give the layer some time for the patterns to start forming. A thin layer will give you tiny cracks, so if you prefer them bigger, you can add another layer of the crackle nail polish.

  • Apply A Top Coat

Leaving your nails without the top coat will make the crackle nail polish to matte and chip sooner than it should. Therefore to make your manicure durable, ensure that you also pick a good quality top coat for the final layer. It also leaves it with a beautiful shine for the duration you’ll be wearing the nail polish. With this you only need a single layer after the crackle is dry, but you can add a layer of top coat after some time.

Tips for an Awesome Crackle Finish

You might have followed all the steps on how to apply crackle nail polish and unfortunately ended up with not-so-well-done nails in the end. Here are a few tips guaranteed to save the day the next time you’ll be doing your nails:

  • Complement the colors.

During the reviews, I repeatedly mentioned those products that go well with any base color so that you don’t end up with funny-looking nails. The crackle patterns will not turn out ok if the base color doesn’t contrast the crackle nail polish color.

  • Let the layers dry.

Always confirm that your base coat is completely dry before proceeding to the crackle finish. When rushed, the patterns won’t be as random as they should, as you might even end up with a solid color, all together.

  • Shake well.

Apart from the rush, there are also high chances that the crackle polish will give you a solid color if you don’t shake it properly. Depending on how long the bottle had been sitting unused, the nail polish components could have settled in different layers, prompting the need to mix well.


With crackle nail polish, it’s all about creativity and paying attention in order to have your own unique look. All of the products I have listed in our crackle nail polish reviews are recommended for both professional and home usage, so you can comfortably do your nails from home.

The good thing is that you can use a number of colors at the same time; therefore it’s ok to have collection of different brands. For trials, you can go for China Glaze Crackle Glaze Nail Polish – Lightning Bolt as you sample from other products.

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