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Makartt Reviews: Nail Kits, Color Gel, Nail Drill & Bits, Poly Nail Gel

The nail industry has evolved with the stylish gel nail polish. Whether you are looking to do some DIY nail arts or improve the professional service, you offer your customers, purchasing your nail product from a reputable brand is essential.

Using products such as poly nail gel, nail drill & bits, colour gel and nail kits from a top brand helps you make a long-lasting, flawless manicure. You should understand that there is a difference between luxury polish and drugstore nail polish brands. Also, cheap nail products can’t be compared in terms of quality with ones from trusted brands in the industry.

But with the plethora of brands out there, choosing the right unit might be a bit challenging. We understand this, which is why we have decided to review a top brand in the industry, Makartt.

Quick Overview of Markett Reviews

Markartt is one of the professional and fashionable brands in the industry offering pedicure and manicure products including nail brushes, nail sets, nail polish remover, nail polish holder, nail machines and many more.

Read on to find out more about Makartt and the lines of product they offer with the pros and cons of each product.

Makartt Nails Kits

1). Makartt Poly Nail Extention Gel Kit

This extension gel kit comes with everything you need to make trendy nail arts, which also help save your money and time. It’s quick, easy and convenient to use. This extension gel dries faster and has a curing time for UV lamp about 2 mins and LED lamp within 60 seconds.

This gel is more flexible, stronger and hassle-free to control. Unlike UV builder gel and acrylic, this model is lighter and feels natural. With proper prepping and application, this extension gel can last more than a month.

2). Makartt Nail Extension Gel Kit with 24w UV LED Nail Lamp

Another all-in-one beautiful gel builder kit ideal for starters featuring six glitter powder with unique colours for creating special extension nails. Also, it comes with a quick 24-watts nail lamp for people looking to create stunning nail arts at home. The trial kit is recommended for nail lovers, nail technicians and nail starters.

This extension gel cures quickly with about 2 mins curing time for UV lamp and almost 60 seconds for an LED lamp. It’s more flexible, stronger and hassle-free to control, unlike other builder gel. This kit features 6pcs of alluring glitter powders, and a drying compact 24W curing lamp to save not only money but also time. All you have to do is prep well and apply properly for a long-lasting UV french effect. 

Makartt Color Gel Polish

22 Fall Pink Yellow Blue Green Purple Colors Gel 8ML UV Gel Nail Polish Base Coat Top Coat

This gel nail polish kit features a top coat, base coat and 22 gel colours. The opaque gel polish set from this brand contains the most trendy colours. This product offers a high-gloss finish, and its plumping effect offers a makes your nails look shiny.

Also, it’s suitable for parties, daily chores, ceremony activities, and dating. The Makartt Gel Nail Polish is perfect for personal home use or professional salon. If appropriately applied, this nail polish can last about 14 days. Using flexible topcoat and durable base coat offers impressive tenacity and long-lasting nail colours.

Set 10ML 6 Bottles Misty Black White Blue Gel Nail Colors 

Another gel nail polish set from Markrtt features Flamingo Pink (144), Milk White (142), Milk White (142), Silk Blue (146), Wisteria Purple (143), and Viola Purple (145) to let you achieve alluring colour combination designs.

With proper application, this gel nail polish can last more than 14 days. Using the topcoat and durable base coat will strengthen the nails and keep good tenacity. The glamour colour nail gel let you make vivid nail arts without taking up your time. No smudges or chips; meaning this polish won’t peel easily. You get to wear a high gloss and mirror shine finish for long.

Another exciting thing about Makartt Pink Gel Nail Polish Set is its remarkable diversified use for poly nails. This set allows you to create unique styles by combining with powders, nail stamping, nail rhinestone, unique gel colours, and poly nail gel.

Makartt Nail Drill & Bits

Nail Drill Electric Nail File Machine

If you are in the market for the best nail file machine, then this equipment could be just what you’re looking for. The Makartt Nail Drill Electric Nail File Machine comes with a vibration-free and quiet motor.

With high torque & high precision, this machine is able to achieve low vibration, low heat and low noise. The model features ventilation design to reduce the temperature of this handpiece. It features an easy-to-adjust speed up to 30,000 rmp. Plus, it displays speed signal to ensure it caters for your multiple manicures from removing nail extension gel to simple trim.

Makartt Ceramic Nail Drill Bit Set

This nail drill set is made of superior ceramic materials. They are suitable for all gel nails like nail extension gel, dip powder, nail gel, gel polish, and even natural nails. To ensure it meet every user need, the Makartt Ceramic Nail Drill Bit Set comes in various sizes and shapes.

This drill bits’ high-quality construction ensures long-term use. Plus, it offers excellent value for money. This product is an excellent tool for taking off dip powder, gel polish or acrylic layer without much effort. Also, cleaning up the cuticle a breeze, and fits most nail drill machines using 3/32-inch bits for impressive durability.

Further, Makartt Ceramic Nail Drill Bit Set is corrosion resistant and does not make your nails clog. The nail brush bit is hassle-free to clean and will help keep your client’s nails healthy. Even better, the unit comes in a lightweight and portable design, making it suitable for both family and personal use anytime.

Makartt Poly Nail Gel

Nail Extension Gel Clear Builder Gel Nail Gel Trendy Nail Art Design Nail Extension Gel

The Makartt Nail Extension Gel is clear and suitable for encapsulating nails, rhinestone nails, glitter nails, dry flower nails, inlay nails, etc. it’s also perfect for creating different nail extension shapes such as oval nails, french nails, square nails, or coffin nails.

There are other colours options, including natural pink, black, white, bright light pink and garnet red colour. The makartt nail extension gel is more flexible, stronger, easier to control than other products on the market. This product is lighter than UV builder gel and acrylic.

Furthermore, makartt nail extension gel nails will last at least a month provided your nails were prepped properly (cleaning, filing and buffering). Using a primer and nail dehydrator offer better adhesion for long-lasting nails.

Polygel Nail Kit Makart

The pink and bling extension gel set includes a 50ml slip solution, 8ml topcoat, dual-ended nail brush and spatula, 6W LED UV nail lamp, 15ml nail extension gel, 60pcs dual forms in 12 sizes, nail file, 8ml base coat, nail rhinestones, user manual and nail glitter. This set is a complete package, which makes it a perfect gift or valentine’s day, birthdays, and many more.

The nail extension gel is easy to use and ideal for any beginner. Using the include LED UV nail lamp, the gel dries faster within 3 minutes. Also, the provided user manual includes guidelines on how to create trendy nail arts even for first-timers.

With proper nail prep (filing, buffering and cleaning) and application, this extension gel can last more than a month. For better adhesion, you should apply primer and nail dehydrator for long-lasting nail gel.

Makartt Air Nail Dryer for Both Hands and Feet

This equipment features a user-friendly and salon-quality design. This Air dryer offers enough space to allow both feet and hands under the dryer at the same time. The Makartt Air Nail Dryer is equipped with unique cool and a warm breeze for quick drying. Regardless of the weather condition, this model will help dry nails quicker.

No UV/LED light, which means it’s safe for your feet, hands and eyes. The model features a ventilation hole to prevent overheating that can damage the air dryer. Even more, it features the anti-slip pad to make this model a lot stable when curing.

With such fantastic construction, the Makartt Air Nail Dryer comes in handy for both home users and in professional salons. That’s not all; it is equipped with automatic double sensors; making this equipment a lot easier to use. The sensor automatically powers up the fan immediately you place your feet or hands inside the dryer.

MAKARTT Nail Files

Last on our list is MAKARTT Nail Files. This filing tool is designed to help you shape or trim your acrylic nails to your preferred length and shape. They are ideal for removing fake nails and poly extension gel.

They are available in different grits functions. With the 100 grits perfect for filing roughing up hard fingernails, and 180 grits suitable for smoothing up nail edges.

How to Clean a Titanium Nail

While there are several ways to clean a titanium nail, the water method is our prefered means.

The water method

  • Heat the titanium nails until red
  • Place it in water (preferably at room temperature)
  • Let it sit for 10 minutes, then with the aid of tongs remove them\
  • Then scrub any residue on the nail


We’ve done a comprehensive review of Makartt, one of the top brands in the industry, and included a short review of the brand’s top product to ensure you get the right nail kit for creating trendy nail arts at home.

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