Wholesale Nail Polish R

Top 7 Best Deals Wholesale Nail Polish Reviews

Shopping for the best nail polishes can sometimes be so overwhelming. This is because there are so many different types of nail polishes available in the market, with so many different colors. That’s why we have made your work easy by outlining for you the top 7 best deals wholesale nail polish sets to choose […]

OPI Nail Polish Kit and Gift Set

The Best OPI Nail Polish Kit and Gift Set 2020

When it comes to the art of gifting, there are so many ideas and inventions coming up every single day, but all that matters is finding something memorable. One of the best gift ideas that stands out for me is a nail polish kit or gift set. Many dealers in the nail polish industry are […]

Nail Shape Trends

12 Hottest Nail Shape Trends in 2020

Apart from picking the right polish for your manicure, getting the right shape that suits your needs is yet another way to flatter your nails. In 2020, we now have up to 12 common nail shape trends that you can pick from, and trust me, there’s something for everyone. All you have to do is […]

Best Manicure and Pedicure Sets

The Best Manicure and Pedicure Sets Reviews of 2020

Attaining that complete look is something that fuels us with confidence, and this isn’t possible without paying attention to the state of your nails, hands, or feet. To change the poor state of your nails, you need all the appropriate tools to handle your manicures and pedicures at your own time. These tools are contained […]

Best Nail Strengthener

What is the Best Nail Strengthener on The Market 2020

Keeping your nails in optimum condition is necessary, especially if you know you have weak or brittle nails. This is a sign that those nails are lacking the essential nutrients they need to grow correctly. This is what the best nail strengtheners are formulated for; they help restore your nails to a healthy condition, eliminating […]

best nail glues

The 5 Best Nail Glues Reviews of 2020

No beauty session is complete without taking care of your nails. What turns most people off is the journey to the salon to have your nails made. This lethargy believes it or not is why most ladies don’t fix their nails, regardless of how much they actually want to. You are often left admiring the […]

Best Nail Wraps

The Best Nail Wraps of 2020

Gone are the days when we were limited to waiting for our polished nails to dry off. This is usually after applying the polish on the nails repeatedly to prevent any evident chipping. There is a much better way of improving the appearance of your nails without experiencing all this fuss. Nail wraps are stickers […]

Best Nail Hardener Without Formaldehyde

The Best Nail Hardener Without Formaldehyde

Having the best nail care products is what every avid user strives to procure; there are several nail products available in the market, but only a few are the proper options to go for. There have been many cases of people having weak and brittle nails that snap and break under a small applied force. […]

Best Rose Gold Nail Polish

The Best Rose Gold Nail Polish Reviews

One of the things a quintessential lady must be particular about is her nails. You do not just go about flaunting badly-manicured, chipped-polish nails; that says something about you. Also, the color or shade of nail polish you wear on your nails really matters. Have you tried rose gold nail polish? Rose gold seems to […]