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The Best Nail Scissors Reviews 2020: Perfect Nail Shape

Nail scissors aren’t a new thing when it comes to grooming essentials. Clippers and other trimmers can fail you, but you can always count on a good pair of nail scissors. It’s not every day that you’ll land something reliable and today I’ll review the seven best nail scissors that you can consider. Apart from the nail scissors reviews, I’ll also help you know how you can use them effectively and the factors to consider when you’re out shopping for nail scissors.

What are Nail Scissors?

Sometimes one might get confused when they see several scissors that are usually featured in manicure sets. In such instances, nail scissors are usually the ones with long and wide blades, so watch out for these two distinguishing features. Compared to their counterparts, it is nail scissors that guarantee you the smoothest shearing cuts with minimal damages caused on the nails.

Reviews of the 7 best Nail Scissors 2020

1). Erbe Matte Finish INOX Stainless Steel Nail Scissors

Here’s something for those who have been disappointed by other trimmers like struggling to make clean cuts. With this, trimming your nails shouldn’t be a problem because it cuts easy and smoothly. Say no more to twisting blades and forcing cuts even for those firm toe nails.

The construction reveals a carefully crafted metal with a steel finish that improves on durability and performance. This is therefore a pair that will unlikely get ruined, when maintained as required. It’s also safer to use after having a bath or shower without the fear of bending your nails or missing ingrown nails, and this is because of how accurate it is.

2). INOX Stainless Steel Combination Cuticle and Nail Scissors

This is another nail scissor ethically made from Germany, so quality isn’t even a question. It strikes with the unique look and feel that reveal nothing but quality. This is also the reason why it’s relatively pricey, but the better part is that it’s a true value for money. You won’t have to sharpen it by yourself because the blades are sharp and unbelievingly sturdy.

It’s an added advantage to those with tough and thick nails which usually break blades when using nail trimmers of questionable quality. Using them is effortless and however much it seems smaller than other products on the shelves, it maintains an ergonomic design that fits different hands.

3). Erbe INOX Stainless Steel Extra Pointed Cuticle Scissors

Here’s the final product from Erbe that we’ll review today. It’s highly recommended for those with dry cuticles who usually go through hassles when looking for nail scissors. Sometimes the only option is usually to go for high-end products which in the end guarantee quality. One of the unmentioned things about this Erbe brand is that it’s quite versatile and can still be used to remove nose and ear hair, provided that you’re careful enough.

One precaution is that this item is quite sharp, and therefore one has to be careful, especially when using it around the cuticle area. Similarly, it’s not advisable to leave it exposed to moisture for prolonged hours because this could leave it susceptible to rust, irrespective of the fact that it’s stainless steel.

4). Tweezerman stainless steel nail scissors

Tweezerman Scissors is a must-have tool for any beauty bag. The pair is relatively smaller, making it easier to carry along so that your grooming won’t stop just because you travelled. They’re quite reliable, with minimal slipping when trimming. This therefore reduces chances of accidents especially when using it on toddlers.

As it trims nails meticulously accurate, it’s also recommendable for eyebrows trimming. In the package also lies a brow brush, making this item a deal of a lifetime. The blades here are sharper than what some brands offer and adding onto that is durability achieved by the heavy-duty metal used in its construction.

5). Mont Bleu Nail Scissors

Here’s something made in Italy and sharpened in Germany, meaning that the standards and materials used during its manufacture and processing have unmatched quality. The design reveals a corrosive-resistant steel with nickel coating to ensure that what lands to consumers is a durable product.

Away from the quality, the construction is also lightweight and shaped in an ergonomic design, therefore it’s suitable for everyday use. Unlike other fiddly compact scissors, Mont Bleu nail scissors are averagely-sized to fit different types of hands. Something unique about it are the curved blades which literally makes it easy to tend to your nails whether you’re at home or on the go.

6). Coco’s Closet Premium Cuticle Scissors Curved Stainless Steel

When it comes to versatile grooming products, Coco’s closet carries the day with this multi-purpose professional scissor. Other than trimming the nails, you can count it when looking for something to remove hang nails, cutting dry skin, keeping the cuticles smooth and shaping eyelashes. Evidently, this is a handy product that you shouldn’t miss out on given that it has blades that cut easily and precisely.

The easy-to-clean blades are also resistant to stains, rust and corrosion, and with frequent sanitization, the nail scissors will stick around for quite some time. Its design is sturdy and precise having been made with surgical-grade stainless steel. It’s the same that keeps it in a good shape, provided that it’s perfectly stored when not in use.

7). Coco’s Closet Nail Scissor Trimming Scissors

This professionally-curved nail scissors is equally a great choice for both thick and delicate nails, meaning that it can be used for finger and toe nails. If you need to remove, trim or cut thick or ingrown nails, this is the best choice for you. It’s the brand that has the types of clippers that can handle ingrown and thick toe-nails.

Its versatility extends to personal trimming, cutting facial hair and even brows, and this is all thanks to its sharp and sturdy construction. The finger holes come in a 3.5 inches size and an ergonomic design that covers most people. You shouldn’t worry about rusting because what has been used here is quality stainless steel that makes it durable and rust proof. 

How to Choose the Best Nail Scissors

  • Edges

Sometimes it doesn’t matter when or how the scissor is assembled because at the end of it all, perfection is all that matters. Be keen on the joint and shank areas to ensure that whatever you have isn’t overly rounded. Both halves need to be shaped and matched perfectly. The screw also has a role to play here because its shape and finish need to match the curved handle.

  • Sound

With scissors, the sound you hear when opening and closing the blades credits or discredits perfection. While holding it against your ear, what you’re supposed to hear is a smooth and gentle sound, and nothing hitched, gravelly or rough.

  • Feel

This is dictated by the curve adjustment which in the end determines how the blades glide on their flat sides. If it doesn’t feel smooth, or you experience some hitches, it means that they are touching on the sides, implying that either the curve adjustment or tension could be incorrect. This in turn minimizes its durability, in that the blades will wear-out quickly with constant grinding against each other.

  • Tension

Trimming accuracy depends on how properly the scissor is tensioned. This is figured out by checking how loose they are when fully opened exceeding the operational size. That kind of looseness is supposed to disappear once you re-position it, so if it doesn’t, then you’ll probably have to deal with loose scissors.

Another way to see how loose the scissors are is by checking the extent to which it closes. A good pair is that with blades which don’t close beyond the cutting point. Therefore, you should reconsider your choice if the sharp edge extends beyond this point.

How to Use Nail Scissors like A Pro

  1. Soak your nails. Forget about what they say about nails bending when trimmed after they’re soaked.Soft nails trim with much ease, especially when they’re brittle or tougher. However, this might not be necessary for finger nails, especially if you have a sharp scissor.
  2. Cut in straight motions. This is what will give you even and clean cuts, without going deeper in some sections. It also helps eliminate occurrences of ingrown nails which can initiate pains at the edges. As you trim, make sure you round the edges to keep the nails strong.
  3. Cut in bits. Using nail scissors require a lot of patience, therefore don’t be tempted to eliminate the grown edges all at once.This could strain the scissors, and mostly those with smaller blades which can break easily.

As a safety measure, always remember to sanitize and clean your nail scissors before using them, especially if it’s a shared piece. And to avoid straining, it’s good to develop the habit of tending to your nails frequently without having to wait until they’re overgrown.


Buying a descent pair of scissors is one thing and keeping it that way is another different thing altogether. This involves proper cleaning and maintenance habits like frequent lubrication, and also using it the right way by following the steps I have mentioned. With this, you’ll experience minimal breakages or malfunctions, making the nails scissors durable. As usual, I have to recommend one, and the product of the day goes to Coco’s Closet Premium Cuticle Scissors Curved Stainless Steel, and this is because of its versatile nature.

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