Gel Nails vs Acrylics: Which is Better to Use?

Having beautiful nails american is a dream of every woman. However, nails are easily broken due to housework or nail-biting. Thus, artificial nails enhancements are the best choice for those who either have brittle nails or do regular manicures. If you are wondering about the differences between acrylic and gel nails, this article will help […]

Best Nail Scissors

The Best Nail Scissors Reviews 2020: Perfect Nail Shape

Nail scissors aren’t a new thing when it comes to grooming essentials. Clippers and other trimmers can fail you, but you can always count on a good pair of nail scissors. It’s not every day that you’ll land something reliable and today I’ll review the seven best nail scissors that you can consider. Apart from […]

DND Gel Polish reviews

Daisy Nail Design (DND) Gel Polish Reviews of 2020

Today we have access to different nail products, some which are genuine while others are harmful to the nails. Before you decide on what brand to settle on, it’s important to know all the aspects involved so that you decide whether it’s the perfect choice for you or not. For those who would want to […]


How Often Should You Get A Pedicure?

Have you ever wondered, “How often should you get a pedicure?”? It may be a question of so many people who get a pedicure regularly. You are in the right place because we will help you find out what you need. Usually, after you get manicures and pedicures for a while, you need to have […]

Best Nail Stamping Kit

Top 7 Best Nail Stamping Kit Reviews of 2020

One of the parts of the body people notices first is your hands and definitely your fingernails. With this particular part of the body, you can make a statement wherever you go. Hence, we cannot overemphasize how expedient it is to keep your nails trimmed and classy. We know how strenuous, expensive, and time-consuming it […]

SNS Nails (Signature Nail Systems) Reviews

SNS Nails (Signature Nail Systems) Reviews of 2020

One thing about technology is that there are newer inventions every single day, and one of those that I appreciate more is in the nails industry. It evolved from regular nail polish, to gel and acrylics, and today we have Signature Nail Systems. If you have been looking forward to try it and still doesn’t […]


Gelish Polygel Kit Reviews of 2020

Makeup is one of the best ways to stay pretty and presentable. While looking all-natural is cool, a few adjustments will help you look incredible. But your beautiful looks are not complete without having elegant looks. This is where a perfect gelish polygel kit comes in handy. Aside from the attractive display they offer, perfectly-done […]