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SNS Nails Pros And Cons: A Detailed Review

Are you planning to get an SNS nail, but still consider SNS nails pros and cons? Knowing their advantages and disadvantages will help you make the right decision to get manicures.

If you are searching for the benefits and harms of SNS nails, you are in the right place now. This article will provide you the most detailed information that you need.

Before getting your desired information, you need to know what SNS nails are and their ingredients.

SNS nails

What are SNS nails?

SNS nail also called dip powder nail, is a type of manicure that uses dip powder instead of nail polish. Therefore, the SNS nails will bring you lots of different experiences.

As the name implies, you will dip your nails into the pot of pigments, protect the color with a mix of the glue resin, and then repeat the process several times. Finally, you will have a beautiful foundation!

The Ingredients Of SNS Nails

To understand better, we will introduce to you the components of SNS nails. The powder manicures consist of eucalyptus oil, dipping powder, and cyanoacrylate – a kind of glue.

SNS nails mixtures contain several types of vitamins that help to strengthen your nails. However, there are not any toxic ingredients of other polishes. Therefore, you do not need to worry too much about the cons of SNS nails. Now we move to the central part – SNS nails pros and cons.

Sns Nails Pros And Cons


#1. With SNS nails, no need to use UV light

Unlike the other types of manicures such as gel and acrylic manicures, SNS nails do not need UV light to get dried. Instead, your nails will naturally dry in the air. 

Because there is no UV light during the process of getting SNS nails, you will avoid the harms caused by UV nail, for example, the UV light will make the skin age quickly.

SNS nails don’t need UV light to dry

#2. The final products look natural

The final results will look like natural nails. 

The other manicures have a polish layer on the gel nails. Hence, it may make your nails look too glossy and unnatural.

However, SNS nails are different. The nail techs will dip your nails in SNS powder, and there is no gel polish. For that reason, you don’t need to get regular polish.

#3. Providing your nails many nutrients and vitamins

Getting SNS nails is not only a way to make you more beautiful, but it is also a way to provide nutrients for your nail fingers.

SNS powder includes several types of vitamins such as vitamin B, E, D calcium, and zinc that help strengthen and protect your nails.

#4. Drying fast

Acrylic and gel manicures need UV light to dry more quickly while dip powder nails do not.

Getting SNS manicure is a process that does not take you plenty of time like acrylic or gel manicures. You will only spend 2 or 3 minutes waiting for your nails to dry.

#5. Durable

After you apply SNS nails for your nails, you will have the feeling that your nails are light. However, it is stronger than you think.

Besides, your dip powder nails will not be easy to chip because the powder used includes super glue. Thus, you will only need to go to nail salons to redo it when your nails grow too much.

#6. No odor

One more special thing about SNS nails is that they have no odor.

The materials in the SNS powder are like standard products so that they can ensure the quality. No odor means that there are almost no toxic materials in the powder. Hence, you can be assured of that.

#7. Comfortable

Some beauty experts say that due to the process that SNS nails manicures work, your nails will receive a smaller amount of powder than when you get an acrylic nail manicure. It makes your nails much thinner and more comfortable.

#8. New and creative

Dip powder nails are an emerging manicure trend, so it is entirely new and great for you to try it. 

Many videos show you how to work with this type of manicures. Also, you can find many SNS products so that you can easily do it yourself at home. It is also a chance for you to create your nail design and experience nail art.

#9. There are lots of available SNS nails colors 

SNS nails manicure is emerging, which means there are more and more nail colors for you to select comfortably. Therefore, you can also choose your favorite manicure styles, such as French manicure, celebrity style, or street style.

Various colors to choose


Besides, there are some cons of SNS nails:

#1. It is hard to take off the SNS nails

As we mentioned above, SNS nails are durable. Thus, it may be a bit hard to take off the powder on your nails. Nail technicians usually use acetone to wash away the colored powder layers.

Nevertheless, acetone is not a safe material for nails removal. For that reason, you may have some problems with it if you use it to wash too many times.

If you don’t want to harm your nails, you can let your nails grow, and the powder gradually disappears, which takes a long time.

Removing SNS nail manicure with acetone

#2. Costly

You can see that there are so many SNS nail pros, which means it will have high quality. High quality always goes with the price, so getting a dip powder manicure seems costly. 

SNS for natural nails costs about $20 for a full set and $15 for fill-in. SNS nail with tips has a price of $25 for a full set and $20 for fill-in.

Compared with what you will receive, the cost may not be a big issue.

#3. Unstable colors

Although SNS nail manicure has a lot of colors for you to choose from, there is one thing that you should notice. 

When the powder has not been applied to your nails, it has a color that you like. However, after the nail techs complete the process, you may see a different color from the original one you want. 

We suggest you ask your nail techs about the color change before deciding to choose which one.

To Sum Up 

So we have shown you several SNS nail pros and cons so that you can understand more about these dip powder manicures.

With any beauty products, there will be some disadvantages that make you consider it. However, you can see that SNS nails’ pros are superior to their cons. Hence, why don’t you try getting a dip powder manicures?

If you still have something unclear about SNS nails pros and cons, leave your comments below.

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