SNS Nails (Signature Nail Systems) Reviews
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SNS Nails (Signature Nail Systems) Reviews of 2020

One thing about technology is that there are newer inventions every single day, and one of those that I appreciate more is in the nails industry. It evolved from regular nail polish, to gel and acrylics, and today we have Signature Nail Systems. If you have been looking forward to try it and still doesn’t know much about the products and the processes involved, this detailed SNS Nails review is for you.

SNS Nails (Signature Nail Systems) Reviews

What is SNS Nails?

Today, SNS Nails is considered as the best alternative to gel, acrylics or traditional nail polish.  Away from the complexities surrounding this term, it’s simply explained as a nail-dip manicure even though it’s sometimes used to refer to the brand itself.  The definition is derived from the process involved, where one has to dip their nails in a dipping powder of their choice, leaving you with a durable finish with minimal drying-time required.

It provides users with a variety of colors to choose from and therefore, there’s something for everyone. Landing on SNS brands give you products that are odorless and protect nails with the calcium and vitamins infused in their composition. The entire process doesn’t also require any artificial kind of heat or light to dry-up, meaning that your nails will be less damaged.

Benefits of Using SNS Nails (Pros)

  • Sturdy

Calcium and Vitamin oil are the key essentials for stronger nails and that’s what your nails will feel like after using SNS Nails products. You’ll also get a durable surface that is guaranteed to last for at least two weeks. This also means that it’s cost effective compared to traditional nail polish which could have you making frequent trips to the nail parlor.

  • Lightweight

Dipping powder is usually lightweight and therefore your nails will not have to bear any extra weight. It’s this unique feature that creates a natural finish on the nails, compared to other alternative forms of manicure.  Once your nails are properly done, it will be unlikely of you to start experiencing any form of peeling and chances are that it’s your nails that will tend to outgrow the layers.

  • No UV light required

With the dipping powder, all you have to do is tap the finger gently after application of every layer and use a dry paper towel after sealing. This saves you time, unlike gel application that requires some minutes under UV light to dry up. It also helps keep your skin safe from exposure to harmful rays, especially if you frequently do your nails.

  • Easy to apply

Being that it doesn’t require UV light, you can easily do a fix all by yourself. It gets simpler when you pick on gelous colors because with them you can rock just a single layer, unlike the case with natural options.

Elements of SNS Nails

  • Dipping Powder.

As the name suggests, this is where you actually dip the nails to obtain natural and lightweight nail coats.SNS has a range of dipping powders of different shades to suit different needs in the market.

  • Gel base.

This should be the first contact with your nails, before introducing dipping powder. It helps keeps the nails safe from staining in case you’re using gelous colors, and also makes the removal process easier.

  • Gel top.

The shine you always see after someone has had their dip-manicure is because of gel top. It’s recommended in order to achieve a richer, durable and better finish, making the nails beautiful even if you choose to use natural colors.  

  • Vitamin oil.

Although some think this is optional, vitamin oil is essential to ensure that your cuticles don’t end up damaged during the time you’ll be wearing your SNS Nails.

  • Sealer dry.

Your SNS Nails will not last up to the stated 2-3 weeks if you don’t seal-in the dipping powder both over the nails and at the base of the edges, for those with natural nails.

Reviews of Top Rated SNS Nail Kits Gelous Color and Dipping Powder

SNS Nail Starter Kits

SNS Natural Set

I consider this to be one of the reliable DIY sets that will still give you the desired outcome even when doing your nails from home. It includes the step-step guide for different color combinations for better results.

In this set, you’ll find four bottles of natural dipping powder, sealer Dry Essential pack, gel base, EA bond and gel top. One thing that stands out is that the products are flexible, shiny and are guaranteed to last up to 3 weeks when the manicure is properly done.

SNS Nails Gelous Color Kits

If you love how sparkly SNS gelous colors are and you would love a collection of them all, this is the right pick for you. This kit is the popular Easter collection from SNS that comprises of 12 different gelous colors from EC01-EC12. It’s therefore perfect for salons that want to give their clients a variety of choices to pick from.

SNS Nails Pink & White Kit

Away from the natural set, here’s something for those who love French colors because you can never go wrong with pink or white. It’s relatively a smaller set, making it suitable for salon trials to see how best the colors turn out. In addition to that, it comprises of the essentials that professionals require for a unique and easy French manicure.

SNS Gelous Color

SNS Nail Gelous Colors #301 – #365

With SNS Nails, it’s not only about natural or French manicure because now they have this amazing range of colors that make your nails exceptional amongst the crowd. What I love about the collection is that the outcome is equally decent, something you can still wear to the office. A thing to note is that there could be a variance in terms of the actual color of the dipping powder as displayed and as it arrives. However, this is only for certain shades and most of them will turn out as displayed.

SNS Nail Gelous Colors #101 – #150

This range of gelous colors can be measured to the intensity of neon colors when it comes to regular nail polish. And so if you want to give both your toe and finger nails a different treat, try any sample from this variety. Like the previous set, you also need to know that the actual shade you’ll see when delivery is done could be different from the ones highlighted because of image quality.

SNS Dipping Powder

SNS Nails Dipping Powder

True to SNS products, this dipping powder is odorless, making it safer even for those with health issues. It’s easier to use and even though it’s only recommended for professional use, I still believe it perfectly fits under the DIY category.

All you need to know are the right steps to follow; details of which we highlighted earlier. Unlike certain products that don’t allow for returns, with this you can get your refund or replacement in the event that it doesn’t match your needs.

SNS 267 Nails Dipping Powder

This is another easy-to-apply dipping powder with an almost instant-dry technology, so you don’t need UV light.  The color highlights are shiny, leaving your nails looking beautiful for a minimum period of two weeks.  It’s equally easy to remove, like it is during application because all you need to do is soak your nails in acetone for about ten minutes and you’ll be ready for your next procedure.  

SNS 65 Nails Dipping Powder

This stand-alone is exclusively made for those who love how magical the color black turns out after a well-done manicure. It equally works great as an addition to a French manicure with a fairly-natural color like pink or white. It’s an ultra-fine powder and therefore you only need a single coat to get a thinner and more natural result. This is a plus to the nails, in that they stay healthier at the same time.

How to do Natural Set Dipping Powder

  • Prepare Your Nails

The nail plate has to be well prepared by removing the Pterygiums skin to avoid lifting or peeling off.  After sanitizing both your hands and that of the client, use a cuticle pusher to push the cuticle back.  Proceed to get rid of the shine on the nails and after that use your sanitized brush to remove the dust.

  • Dipping Powder Process

Before applying gel base, apply EA bond to all the nails, and dry it off with a paper towel. Remember for a natural set, you’ll need at least three coats but you can go higher or lower depending on how thin you prefer your layers to be.

The tip is to first apply your gel base to a portion of the nail bed, dip the entire nail in the natural set and repeat the process until the entire nail is covered. And for more effectiveness, ensure that the finger is always bent to 90 degrees when dipping.  

  • Seal and shape

Apply a generous amount of the sealer on top of the entire nail, repeating the process on all you nails. After sealing, shape the nails to your desired fit and this can be optional. Depending on the number of layers used, even the nails out for a more natural look. After that, gently buff the nails and wash off the dust.

After that, apply the sealer once more and dry off with a paper towel without forgetting to seal them in the bottom as well. Finish off with sealing with a gel top both on the bottom and over the nails, keeping away from the cuticle. You can use a layer or two.  For healthier cuticles, apply your vitamin oil around the cuticle area, rubbing gently so that it’s well absorbed. 

Tips on How to Choose the Best Dipping Powder

  • Size

Thankfully, most SNS Nails kits are available in relatively smaller sizes for beginners. You should also decide on the size to buy depending on how often you plan to do your nails. Buying bigger sets isn’t considered economical if it will be lying around unused, considering how costly the products are. There are some packs that only fit commercial spaces because of the wide target audience.  

  • Brand

SNS remains to be the best brand when it comes to the essentials for dip-manicure, and that’s why it still dominates the shelves. Picking the right brand is the only guarantee for quality products, value for money and safety of the nails. And in case the product doesn’t meet your expectations, it will be easier to get a refund of replacement.


As we finish up on the SNS Nails review, it’s clear that it will cost you more than when you go for other options. At the same time, the durability, healthy nails and several other benefits that come with going for this type of manicure are immeasurable, giving you value for money. Another thing is that it could require some time to master the skills so that you can effectively do your nails from the comfort of your home, and that’s why most manufacturer recommend use by professionals. But with the highlights I have mentioned, it will only take a few trials to get it done.

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